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What countries accept international driving permit?

An International Driving lPermit is recognized in most countries of the world. Check the country you are traveling to in the list below. You will find more detailed country information on the individual country page.

An IDP is a translation of your driver's license into a uniform template, without which, for example, an American license will not allow you to drive or rent a car in other countries (except Mexico and Canada). Therefore, we recommend that you apply for an international driver's license with us before you travel.

List of countries that require an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Signatory countries to the 1949 Geneva Convention require an international driver's license to drive*. Here is a list of such countries, but sometimes countries add and remove their decision, you can check the current list on the UN website.

*There are exceptions, see the following list of signatories to the 1968 Vienna Convention.

List of countries

Which countries recognize each other's driver's licenses?

Countries that have signed the Vienna Convention of 1968 and unified their national driving licenses in accordance with it recognize each other's driving licenses. The list of countries that have signed the Vienna Convention is below and changes can be tracked on the UN website. Some countries may also sign other agreements to recognize each other's driver's licenses. For example, Canada and Mexico recognize U.S. driver's licenses.

List of countries

Which countries with individualized driver requirements?

What to do if the country or region where you are going is not in the lists above? We have tried to answer this question on the pages of each country in the list below. Nevertheless, we recommend to find out such questions in advance, for example, you can write to the car rental company and clarify what documents you need to rent and drive a car. Have a good trip!

List of countries

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With the DLT you will overcome any language barriers and will be able to easily drive worldwide. It doesn’t matter what foreign country you are going to visit, as you can rent a car all around the world with the International Driver Document (IDD). If you are stopped while driving, show both your International Driving License (IDL) and your domestic driving license. You will also have a translation book and can show it if needed.

You need to fill out a simple application form and apply online if you want to get the International Driving Permit (IDP). We need only to obtain some personal information: your domestic driving license ID, your personal info, your address and a photo of you.

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