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Monetize your audience

Join our affiliate program now and start generating extra cash from your customers with minimal efforts

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Monetize your audience
Conversion rate of top partners
Partners earn from the amount of each order
Average monthly earnings of partners at the start-up
Countries where our services are used

Partner benefits

By joining the IDA affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to boost your earnings from the existing customer base and attract more business. Having joined the program you will receive a unique referral ID to be used inside the referral links to help track conversions and completed transactions that you generate. Here are some of the advantages of partnering with us:

  • We store cookies for 30 days (even if a visitor follows your link without making an order in the original session however returns later within the 30 period to complete the transaction, you will still get the credit)
  • You will get 30 to 50% commission from each order depending on the number of orders on your account. The longer you stay with us the bigger is your income
  • You need assistance or an advice on how to reach out to your audience – we are at your avail
  • We offer multiple ways to withdraw your earnings
  • We provide you with a partner start-up guide including ready-to-use promo materials and guidelines to help you with onboarding
Who can become a partner?

Who can become a partner?

Who can become a partner?

No matter what line of business you are in or where you operate geographically – you have a great chance to attract extra revenue offering an international driving permit from IDA to your loyal customers. For example, you could market IDL complementing your own core offering as a part of an exclusive all-in-one package. Our support team will be at your service to help you formulate the offering whenever needed.

We already partner with companies and individuals representing the following types business:

  • Car rentals
  • Travel agencies
  • Driving schools
  • Multiservices
  • Insurance firms
  • Legal firms
  • Consultancy services
  • Other

Commission withdrawal methods

PayPal transfer PayPal transfer
Bank transfer in 60+ local currencies
Bank transfer in 60+ local currencies
USDT transfer
USDT transfer

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What are the requirements for new partners?

We are open to everyone, but there are minimum requirements that must be met to become our partner.

For websites these are:

  • The site of a potential partner has HTTPS status
  • The site has relevant, useful tourist content.
  • The site is safe for users, is not a source of spam and does not use black marketing methods.

For bloggers and social media influencers:

  • Relevant and updated content
  • Black topics are not advertised as well
  • Number of subscribers from 1000
When will I receive the commission?

The commission is fixed immediately at the moment of paying for the order using the referral link. You can withdraw funds in a convenient way.

What can't partners use?
  • Pop-ups
  • Multiple redirects
  • Browser extensions
  • Teaser networks
  • Sites for buying domains