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How to get an international driver's license in Brazil?

The international driving license is a translation of the national driving license into many languages. The first ID cards appeared in 1926 after the Paris International Convention relative to Motor Traffic. The international driver's license was also influenced by two other conventions in 1949 and 1968. The international driving permit is the same as the international driving license.

Getting an international driver's license in Brazil while you are in Brazil if you have a valid Brazil national driver's license. If you are only planning to visit Brazil, you can contact the competent authority in your country. If you are already traveling and do not have an IDL, the only option is to have your national driving license translated online. This is a faster, more convenient and easier way to continue to drive when you travel.

We remind you that an international driver's license is valid only with a valid national license.

How to get international drivers permit online?

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To get the International Driving Permit (IDP), you should apply and then fill out the form for which you need to give us:
  • 1. A photo of your valid domestic driving license
  • 2. Your personal data
  • 3. A photo of yourself
  • 4. Your signature (scan or photo it)

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How to get a International Driving Permit in Brazil?

According to the Vienna Convention of 1968, international driving permit are authorized to be issued by national governments or organizations to which these functions have been delegated. In most countries, this is done by automobile associations affiliated to the AIT/FIA, the police or other organizations. To get an international driving license in Brazil, you must have a local license and apply to the authorities responsible for this (we try to keep the information up to date, let us know if the link does not work). The cost and timing of issuance differs from country to country.

If you have a national license not issued in Brazil, you need to check if you have the right to drive with your license and if you need an IDP. If you do, the only way out is to order a translation of your driver's license with delivery or an electronic version (check with the rental car company if the electronic version will work), for example with us.

If you are a U.S. citizen and only have a U.S. driver's license when you travel, you can get an IDP from AAA - but you have to do it before you travel to Brazil!


How to get an international driver's license in Brazil?


If you have a local license and want to travel contact a competent organization. If you are an American and plan to travel in advance, you can get an IDP from AAA. In other cases, you can have your driver's license translated into the required languages so that you can travel with your national license and its translation.

How to apply for international driving license?


Our application process is fast and simple. Complete the IDD application form, attach a copy of your valid driver's license, your handwritten signature and a color ID photo, and make the payment. You can apply online here.

Do you need an international driving license for Brazil?


Brazil has unified its driving license in accordance with the 1968 Vienna Convention. If you have a driver's license from one of the 67 countries that did the same, you do NOT need an international driver's license to drive in Brazil. Drivers from other countries not on the list need an international driver's license, unless there is an additional agreement between Brazil and the country that issued your driver's licence about special conditions.

Can I drive in Brazil with a US license?


You can only drive in Brazil with your driver's license if you have a valid international driving permit (IDP). Additional information for traveling U.S. citizens can be found on the government website.

Сan an American drive in Brazil?


To drive an American in Brazil, you must have an international driving permit (IDP). Additional information for traveling U.S. citizens can be found on the government website.

What is the International Driver's document?


Our IDD is ideal for travelers visiting multilingual destinations. No test is required and the IDD is valid for up to three years. This document is used in conjunction with, but does not replace, your valid national license; it is a translation of your driver’s license in three formats.

Can I rent a car with this document?


Usually yes. However, as requirements vary from region to region, you are advised to inquire directly with car rental companies.

Can I purchase car insurance with the IDD?


Usually yes. However, as requirements vary from region to region, you are advised to inquire directly with local insurances companies.

What you need to know to drive in Brazil?

  • Only Inter-American Driving Permit is recognized.
  • Officially a certified translation is required from the Consulate.
  • Part of 1926 Convention on Motor Traffic.

Brazil documents:

Travel SIM card:

Driving tips for Brazil:

  • Brazil is a right-hand drive country.
  • The minimum age to drive is 18. The minimum age to rent a car is 21.
  • The maximum allowed speed limits are 40 km/h on urban roads, 80-100 km/h on rural roads and 110 km/h on highways.
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • Hands-free kit is a must.
  • The maximum allowed drink drive limit is 60 mg per 100 ml of blood.
  • Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to sit in the front seat. Children from 4 to 7,5 must sit in an appropriate booster cushion. Otherwise, you will be fined no less than $100.
  • Park your vehicle towards the general flow of the traffic.
  • Sounds awkward but if you are running out of fuel you are violating traffic regulations even if you aren’t impeding traffic. Thus, make sure you have filled your car up before going anywhere.
  • You are not allowed to drive if you wear flip-flops.
  • You are prohibited to drive if you either put your arm out of the window or with an arm lying on the window sill of your car.
  • Be careful at traffic lights.

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