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Toyota Crown Sport RS: A Striking Evolution in Hybrid Performance

Toyota Crown Sport RS: A Striking Evolution in Hybrid Performance

In October of this year, Toyota launched the Crown Sport crossover exclusively for the Japanese market. The model initially debuted as a hybrid, whose performance specifications didn’t quite match its bold, sporty exterior. To address this and continue the trend towards vehicle electrification, Toyota has now introduced the Crown Sport RS, a new plug-in hybrid variant.

The RS shares its basic powertrain architecture with the standard model, which includes a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine coupled with an electromechanical variator driving the front wheels and a separate electric motor at the rear. This rear motor (producing 54 hp and 121 Nm of torque) remains unchanged in the RS version, although the internal combustion engine’s output has been slightly reduced from 186 hp and 221 Nm to 177 hp and 219 Nm. However, the front variator now includes a significantly more powerful electric motor, up from 120 hp and 202 Nm to 182 hp and 270 Nm. As a result, the total system output has increased from 234 hp to an impressive 306 hp.

Replacing the standard hybrid’s 5 Ah nickel-metal hydride battery, the RS features a more substantial 51 Ah (14.85 kWh) lithium-ion battery. This upgrade enables up to 90 km of electric-only range, and the battery can be recharged to 80% in just 38 minutes with a fast charger. When combined with a full 55-liter fuel tank, the total petrol-electric driving range exceeds 1200 km.

Beyond the enhanced powertrain, the RS model boasts increased body rigidity thanks to additional reinforcements under the floor and in the central tunnel. The adaptive suspension dampers have been recalibrated for increased stiffness, enhancing the vehicle’s sporty handling. Concealed behind the 21-inch blackened wheels are robust six-piston brake mechanisms at the front, underscoring the vehicle’s performance capabilities. These attributes bring the RS variant closer to the sporty prowess its name suggests, although it tips the scales at 2030 kg—significantly heavier than the 1810 kg of the base model.

Unique to the RS version is the “My Room” mode, which allows unlimited use of the onboard entertainment and climate systems while charging. The vehicle can also power external devices up to 1500 watts. Visually, aside from the wheels and the vividly painted red brake calipers, the Crown Sport RS is distinguished from the standard hybrid only by subtle badges on the body. Inside, the cabin features sport-profile seats, a striking black and red trim, and matching red seat belts.

This latest iteration not only emphasizes Toyota’s commitment to innovation but also showcases a significant leap in blending performance with hybrid technology

Photo: Toyota company

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