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Secrets of modern car washing

Secrets of modern car washing

A clean car is a point of pride both for a car lover and for a professional. A bucket with a rag, that was used by the first car drivers, had gone into oblivion long ago. Today, in the arsenal of maintaining automobile purity, there is a whole army of different washing types, each of which has its own features, advantages and disadvantages.

Contact and contactless washing

The contact washing involves manual labor using various devices and includes the following types of work:

– using car washers and specialized car shampoos;

– rubbing with a very soft material.

During hand washing, a worker can clean car surfaces with different strength and napkins not of the best quality. As a result – scratches appear. Of course, watering cans and hoses can also be used, like special washers, car shampoos and wiping soft rags. This type of washing is inexpensive and fast. Even the most inaccessible places won’t be ignored. Wheel arches, mirrors connections, disks, door handles and other little things – everything is washed out perfectly. In the event that a car man sees any deficiencies after washing, he can immediately point them to the wash personnel, and everything will be fixed.

Contactless hand washing is made using a special foam blaster. The latter generates a strong foam pressure, which should be applied to the car for a few minutes. After that, the foam is washed off with regular water, and the car surface is dried with a powerful dryer. This type of washing eliminates any mechanical impact, therefore, scratches are also excluded. But if this saves money, the car may not be fully washed and/or dried. Consequently, poor quality of work is also possible.

Automatic car washing

To create an automatic washing complex you need serious capital investments. This type of washing is divided into portal and tunnel washes. The human factor is eliminated in both types of automatic washing, only bristle rollers work. The undeniable advantage of automatic contact car washes is the minimum amount of time spent on car washing.

During  a portal car washing, the car is located in a hangar, and there are brushes on a washing frame above it (or around it). At the same time, car shampoo (cleaning fluid) and water are supplied to the body. All automakers are designing and making their machines for automatic portal washing. The portal wash can be opened in almost any suitable place. The car itself is on a special platform during the washing process, so you can clean not only the vehicle body itself, but also its bottom side and wheels. The portal is an n-shaped mobile bed, on which detergent systems are installed, that, in the process of its moving, produce a car wash. The washing process itself is fully automated, and theoretically it can be done without personnel at all, as it is done in Europe. More modern versions of such a car wash even polish the car on completion.

The tunnel type of automatic car washing involves the car moving with a conveyor in a washing complex. Bristle rollers must be of very high quality (thus, they are expensive enough).

There is a type of automatic car washes, which eliminates the contact of brushes or rollers. Water is supplied under enormous pressure, and such a pressure rinses off any impurities. The human factor is completely excluded, allowing temptation to save on washing-up liquids and electric power, fatigue of the washer, his inexperience, and, eventually, subjective perception.

Automatic washing is much quicker than manual, but there is one disadvantage – the inability to wash the “old” dirt out of the body. And hard-to-reach places often remain untouched. Another disadvantage is that automatic car washing is an expensive pleasure.

There are also self-service washes. In them, as a rule, the driver himself is given the right to wash his car without the personel’s help. At the same time, you pay for using shampoo and water. It usually takes from 6 to 15 minutes on washing one car.

Modern equipment for car washes

Car wash hangars of the modern type are most often equipped with German technology. But there are also washes of Polish, Czech, Spanish production. Arrangement of car wash hangar requires an area of ​​at least 90 square meters. The main requirements of car wash customers are the quality of car wash and speed of the process. Everyone who comes to the car wash wants quick service, making the car look properly in the shortest possible time.

The car should have a good quality of rubber seals and gaskets, otherwise water or foam can easily penetrate inside and spoil the cabin.

Even if your car already shines with impeccable cleanliness, you can get behind its wheel only with a driver’s license. It is better if the latter conforms to the international model. It’s quite easy to issue such a driver’s license – it’s done right on our website.


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