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Lamborghini's Groundbreaking Innovation: The Dynamic Wheel Alignment System

Lamborghini's Groundbreaking Innovation: The Dynamic Wheel Alignment System

Wheel alignment critically influences a vehicle’s handling and road behavior. Traditionally, alignment settings are static and fixed. However, Lamborghini has pioneered a groundbreaking system called the Active Wheel Carrier (AWC) that dynamically adjusts the camber and toe angles of the rear wheels during operation, enhancing driving dynamics.

The AWC system is designed to significantly enhance maneuverability by allowing continuous adjustments to the wheel angles. This dynamic adjustment capability means that the compromises of fixed settings, such as the rapid tire wear caused by aggressive angles for improved control, are largely mitigated.

The AWC utilizes two independent mechanisms to adjust the toe and camber angles, each powered by its own electric motor via gear transmissions. These adjustments are controlled by sophisticated algorithms, engineered by Lamborghini’s chief engineer, Ruven Mohr, representing some of the most complex aspects of the system. Furthermore, the AWC must seamlessly integrate with the vehicle’s existing stabilization, traction control, and active aerodynamics systems.

With the ability to alter camber from +2.5 to -5.5 degrees and toe by up to 6.6 degrees in either direction, the AWC’s 48-volt stepper motors can adjust both angles simultaneously at speeds up to 60 degrees per second. This swift adjustment process enhances lateral acceleration by as much as 25%. The effectiveness of the AWC has been proven on the racetrack, where the Lamborghini Huracan equipped with this system slashed lap times by 2.8 seconds at Nardo, 2.2 seconds at Imola, and nearly 5 seconds at the Nürburgring, under the command of a factory test driver.

Looking to the future, Lamborghini plans to adapt the AWC actuators for use in its 400-volt electrical systems of forthcoming plug-in hybrids like the Revuelto, where they will complement existing traction vector control capabilities on the front wheels. This innovation underscores Lamborghini’s commitment to blending performance enhancement with cutting-edge technology, setting new benchmarks in automotive engineering for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Photo: Lamborghini

This is a translation. You can read the original article here: Ноу-хау Lamborghini: система динамического изменения углов установки колес

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