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The code of behaviour: for drivers and passengers

The code of behaviour: for drivers and passengers

Everyone needs to go

It happens quite often when a person who has a car and a person who has no car move in the same direction. Then the latter stops the first one and asks him for a ride. This is called “hitchhiking”.

Tourists from all over the world who prefer hitchhiking stop the passing cars and hope to arrive at their destination on the cheap or even free of charge.

First put the things right

As soon as a driver stops the car and asks a hitchhiker where he is going, a hitchhiker should call his destination or at least a direction and either explain that he is not ready to fund a travel or he has almost no money (it means that a potential passenger is still willing to pay a small amount if the driver agrees to this sum of money).

A driver should decide whether he would give him a free ride or look forward to receiving a particular sum of money. If we speak about the second option, the parties should specify the given amount and in case they both agree to the terms, the passenger or passengers can take the seats.

Thus, a driver may ask a passenger to fund a travel at once, while a passenger may show him the money and pay half of the sum. The rest of the money he will give as soon as they arrive at the destination.

Driver and the passengers usually introduce themselves by their first name. That’s how they get to know each other.

While travelling

While travelling both the driver and the passenger (passengers) should be mutually polite, attentive and have a proper conduct. Don’t be too annoying asking about personal life of your travel companions. If you want to light a cigarette, ask a driver for permission. A passenger may ask a driver for a stop only in case of emergency.

Passengers are not allowed to turn on the radio or the laptop while talking, listen to the music, snoop through the phone without permission. Sometimes a driver needs someone to talk to in order not to fall asleep. In this case, passengers should talk to the driver trying to make it freely and spontaneously.

If a driver needs to stop at a gas station, passengers should understand it. If it is necessary, they should leave the car.

When it’s time to have a bite, the driver and his passengers can treat each other to coffee and sandwiches. However, in case of denial, no need to insist.

When talking to each other, avoid rudeness and explicit language.

In other words, the above mentioned is all about the common code of behaviour and ethic standards adopted in society.

Mutual politeness, empathy, and adherence to a code of behaviour ensure mutual understanding between the driver and his passengers.

In case of troubles

In case of emergency (passengers are aggressive, a female passenger gets harassed by the male driver, etc.) another party should make it clear that such behaviour is offensive. You may also tell that you are shooting a video and stress the fact that the police may find out what’s going on. Obviously, in such situation, the ride is suspended. If a passenger was aggressive, a driver may not return the money received for the travel. The same is about the passenger. Anyway, such situations happen once in a blue moon. To avoid them, beware of the drivers who don’t inspire trust. In this case, it is better not to travel with them. The same applies when a driver sees that potential passengers start acting weird. Nobody wants to get into trouble.

Tips for the hitchhikers  

An ability to gain sympathy for the drivers is one of the key challenges of the hitchhikers. Drivers do not like weird and dull guys.

Keep in mind that a driver has decided to pick you up, first of all, because he needs to talk to somebody. Don’t keep silent. If a driver keeps quiet, try to talk to him.

There are several subjects that are considered taboo, like religion, politics, and sex. However, if a driver starts talking about these things, you may remain silent and listen to him.

Nevertheless, if a driver still remains silent (it happens as well), you may simply enjoy the silence.

If you want to take a nap, first ask for permission. Keep in mind that you are a guest. Mostly, drivers allow hitchhikers to take a nap during a ride.

Do not forget to treat a driver if you have decided to have a bite. If a driver treats you to something, be cautious. Take only what’s unpacked or bought in your presence.

Try to make a driver talk more than you. At the same time, keep your eyes on the road. It is quite important for you not to miss your destination. As you leave the car, don’t forget to thank the driver.

We hope this article was helpful. Even if you have never tried hitchhiking, and you have your own car, do not forget to apply for the International Driving Permit.

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