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Nissan Ariya's Epic Journey from Pole to Pole

Nissan Ariya's Epic Journey from Pole to Pole

Debates about the real-world range of electric vehicles, particularly in harsh winter conditions, are ongoing. In a bold move, Nissan has undertaken an extraordinary challenge by orchestrating a 30,000-kilometer trek from the North to the South Pole using its electric crossover, the Nissan Ariya.

To adapt the Ariya for the demanding snowy environments, Nissan enlisted the expertise of Arctic Trucks, a renowned customization workshop. Their modifications included significantly raising the vehicle’s body, installing massive 39-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires, and widening the wheel arches to accommodate them.

Nissan equipped the Ariya with its standard e-4orce dual-motor powertrain and traction battery, which typically allows up to 460 km on a single charge as per the WLTP cycle. However, the extreme cold and oversized tires reduced its range, prompting the use of an innovative, renewable energy solution—a trailer equipped with an extendable wind turbine and solar panels to support the vehicle’s energy needs. The expedition was also supported by several support vehicles.

Piloting the modified Ariya were Chris and Julie Ramsay, auto enthusiasts and veterans of the 2017 Mongolia Rally, where they drove a Nissan Leaf electric hatchback across 10,000 kilometers. This new adventure was significantly more challenging, spanning over nine months and beginning in late March. The Ramsays had spent four years planning this route, which traversed the western coasts of both Americas across 14 countries. Despite not encountering extremely low temperatures (the lowest being -23°C), the journey marked a historic achievement for automotive endurance.

Nissan has proudly announced that this is the first time any vehicle, electric or otherwise, has completed such a monumental and continuous journey, setting a new benchmark in the capabilities of electric vehicles for endurance travel. This achievement not only highlights the durability of the Ariya under extreme conditions but also Nissan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicles can accomplish.

Photo: Nissan Company
This is a translation. You can read the original article here: Электромобиль Nissan Ariya проехал от Северного до Южного полюса

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