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Best cars for novice drivers

Best cars for novice drivers

Every driver remembers his first car. It’s a responsible decision for a novice to choose the right car and insurance group. We’ve combed through the primary and secondary markets to make a list of the best cars for novice drivers.

When buying your first car, you need to take into account not only the cost, but also the insurance, operating expenses, road tax and possible repair costs.

Insurance is one of the most expensive items of expenditure for new drivers. It is usually more expensive for this category of drivers, because they don’t yet have sufficient experience, and therefore are at high risk.

Fortunately, you can control your insurance costs in some way. If you buy an inexpensive car, the insurance will be cheaper. Cars are grouped into categories from 1 to 50, depending on how much the insurance costs (the category 1 is cars with the cheapest insurance).

The first category includes cars with small engines and decent safety and protection features. In addition, the cost of such cars is much lower.

The best cars for beginners in the primary market

When choosing your first car, start from the budget. If you can afford to buy an unused car, pay attention to the following options from the category 1.

Nissan Micra

The fifth generation of the Micra, which was restyled in 2017, has always been popular with novice drivers. Prices for the new Micra start at 11,995 pounds in the Visia and Acenta trim levels.

The Hyundai i10 is for those with a slightly more limited budget. Prices for the Hyundai i10 start from 8595 pounds. The compact i10 is easy to park, which makes it one of the best cars for beginners to drive in the city and localities.

The Ford Ka+ is another classic example of a car for a novice driver. The latest version of this car still attracts beginners. Prices for the Ka+ start from 9795 pounds. There are cars of the 1st and 2nd insurance groups in the model range of the Ford Ka+.

The best used cars for novice drivers

Novice drivers often find the best offers on the used car market. You can profitably buy a used car from an inexpensive insurance category.

Best cars for beginners up to 5,000 pounds

With a budget of £5,000, you can buy a car in excellent condition from an inexpensive insurance category. Here are some examples:

The Dacia Sandero is officially the cheapest new car in the UK. Prices start at £5,995, which means that you can buy a car in excellent condition with a budget of £5,000. The Sandero is more spacious than any other car. Insurance will be inexpensive, since there are cars from the 1st and 2nd categories in the model range.

The Ford Ka is suitable for those who can’t afford the Ford Ka+. On the secondary market, you can buy a three- or four-year-old car of the previous generation for less than 5,000 pounds.

The Toyota Aygo with a one-litre engine is a compact city car in the insurance category 2. With a budget of 5,000 pounds, you can find a model that is less than five years old.

Best cars for beginners up to 3,000 pounds

With a smaller budget, you can afford a good car with a high mileage. Among them are:

The Vauxhall Corsa has always been popular with novice drivers, despite the fact that some hatchback models belong to the 1st and 2nd insurance categories. With a budget of 3,000 pounds, you can choose a model produced after 2010, with a mileage of less than 50,000 miles.

The insurance of the Chevrolet Spark in the basic configuration will be cheap. In addition, with a limited budget, you can find a decent car in good technical condition on the market.

The Citroen C1 is also included in the insurance category 1. For just £3,000, you can find a 2011-2012 car in good condition.

Best cars for beginners up to 1,000 pounds

A novice driver can purchase a car for even less than 1,000 pounds. But keep in mind that, with such a budget, you will have to count only on old models, which, in turn, will lead to an increase in repair costs. In this case, make sure that your insurance sufficiently covers the costs in the event of an accident.

The Skoda Fabia Classic, Silverline and Blueline with a 1.2-litre engine are included in the insurance category 2. Within the budget, you can buy a car produced in 2006.

The Fiat Panda with a 1.1-litre engine is in the most budget-friendly insurance category. This car is affordable, and you can find good 2006 options on the market.

The Volkswagen Polo with a 1.2-litre engine has been included in the insurance category 3 since 2002. The 2006 model can be purchased for less than £1,000. This is a great option for those who want to get an iron horse with the much-coveted VW hood ornament.

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