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What to fill a car cosmetics bag with
January 25, 2019

What to fill a car cosmetics bag with

In addition to various cleaners and auto shampoos, there are many accessories made to care for a car. They greatly facilitate the process of surface treatment both inside the car (in the cabin) and outside. Let’s sort out such additional auto cosmetics products, in order not to forget to replenish with them the necessary stock for car care.

Anti-rain – hydrophobic agent

The problem of waterproof coating on a limited surface of the windshield can be solved by car wipers, but the car consists not only of the windshield. Therefore, you should think about how to deal with the rain, dirt and small insects that stick to the car body and the glass every day. After all, it is impossible to visit the car wash all the time. The problem is solved with a purchase of such a product, which has water-repellent properties and forms an anti-glare, stable and durable layer, without the effect of oil film. These are polymers and silicone additives that turn the car’s surface into a hydrophobic coating. All droplets of moisture during snow, fog or rain simply roll down as small balls with the help of a headwind at a speed of 60 km/h. This product is called “anti-rain” and is available in several forms:

– aquagel glass ampoules (expensive, sold with a sponge);

– sprays (hermetic spray cans distribute the product evenly and therefore are  economical);

– napkins, soaked with silicone (the effect is short-term, and they are quite expensive);

– liquid (it is difficult to distribute it evenly on the surface even with a napkin, the liquid layer is not regulated).

Thanks to the “anti-rain”, glass also becomes impervious to frost, so in the winter time you don’t have to spend precious minutes warming up the car in the morning. A duration of the car hydrophobic protective coating varies from a few days to a year. Of course, the cheaper the product, the less it will serve, so it makes sense not to overpay for a low-quality liquid, but to buy at once, for example, a spray, which service life is at least a year. Aquagels can protect the car surface for up to four months, but cost from 15-20 dollars per set.

It is necessary to follow a certain algorithm of applying “anti-rain” products:

It is advisable to treat the windshield in two steps (apply the liquid twice).  In addition to the windscreen, “anti-rain” protectant must also be applied on the headlights, mirrors and, if necessary, on the body. Then you can just polish the surface.

But the “anti-rain” is effective when applied at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget that there shouldn’t be direct sunlight during application. If the composition of the “anti-rain” is aggressive, you should wear a respirator, glasses and gloves.

Wax repair pencil and markers

Sometimes it happens that there is a shallow chipped spot or scratch on the car’s paint and varnish coating. Should you expect corrosion? Of course not! You can fill the damage with a repair pencil (marker), and then polish is used. In this case, damage can only affect the paint layer, and can fall into the first coat layer and even reach the metal. The last kind of scratches is beyond the capacity of the repair pencil. In the pencil (marker), there are polymers necessary to prevent the spread of rust and create a protective layer. After that, the car can be washed at least ten times without loss of protective properties.

In addition, there are special correctors, which allow to eliminate scratches using brush and vial. But the paint inside the vial must match the shade of the body paint (or you should look for a colorless corrector). In this case, scratch shouldn’t reach the first coat layer.

Despite the fact that pencils are in general inexpensive, the effect can be achieved only with strict adherence to the following rules:

1) the room should be well lit, ventilated and the temperature shouldn’t be less than 10 degrees Celsius;

2) the damaged area is thoroughly degreased with alcohol or vodka and also thoroughly dried;

3) if rust has already appeared, it is removed with a rust converter;

4) rub the damage several times and remove the rest of the paint with a napkin until it dries. So you can achieve the ability to completely level the scratch with the car surface;

5) in contact with air, the marker dries quickly. Carefully tighten the cap of the product.


A demister is applied to prevent fogging of glass surfaces. It is better if it’s used together with the “anti-rain”. Glasses are steamed up when warm air inside the car is confronted with a cold glass. To level the temperature, to turn on the heater and blow-off, to use the air conditioner – all these take a long time, but you need to go now. The solution is to do something with the glasses that will allow forming a hydrophilic coating (a thin film of water that doesn’t distort the light flux). There are two ways: to apply an electric demister or aerosols that spray liquid with the properties of a demister. The former are mainly used in the conditions of the Far North. The second – wherever where you have an opportunity to acquire them. But not all of them keep the necessary effect for more than a few hours, have a faint smell, don’t leave fog spots. It’s better to strike the golden medium – an expensive product doesn’t give a guarantee of an excellent effect.


The smell of the car’s cabin is not always nice. Therefore, fresheners are used to eliminate the unpleasant odor or give a certain flavor. The latter can be aromatizers or neutralizers, as well as solid, liquid, cardboard, natural and gel.

Gel ones are best used in the hot season, as they have one serious drawback: at low temperatures, the gel congeals, and also freezes and spoils. Solid fresheners are universal, expensive, but they are effective for almost 9 months. Outwardly they look like small briquettes or plastic boxes filled with granules. As for liquid ones, they are acquired taste: they look like small perfumes, poured into a glass or plastic container. The last has small holes on the lid through which the fragrant liquid evaporates outward, filling the car’s cabin with a pleasant smell. Such fresheners are attached to the ventilation grille in the car. Cardboard aromatizers look like a piece of cardboard soaked in a special substance, carved in the shape of some figure, more often a fir tree. The useful life of this aromatizer is two weeks. Natural aromatizers are made in the form of bags filled with herbs, coffee beans or other natural ingredients. Another form of such fresheners – wooden figures, soaked in a special composition.

Not all air fresheners offered in stores cope with their task. Many of them “don’t survive” even a week. Usually tips of experienced motorists are the best recommendations.

Taking care of your iron friend is as natural as taking care of the house. It should be nice and comfortable in both. We hope that the information in this article has become useful to you. One more point is the registration of an international driver’s license. It can be purchased on our website. Don’t miss this opportunity, because it’s done quickly and easily.

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