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Preparing a car for a long trip

Preparing a car for a long trip

A long trip requires a lot of energy since this is not a one-day trip to the country. However, your car carries a major load. This article describes helpful tips on how to prepare your car for a long trip. Keep in mind that your car should always be clean, even if you are not going on a long trip.       

Maintenance check

Prior to going on a long car trip, examine your car. In case of malfunction, eliminate it since if your car suddenly breaks down on the road, the whole trip will be spoiled. Moreover, you will have to spend all money you have on repair.

Get into the service station to diagnose your car. If there are any unwanted sounds and vibrations, service specialists will eliminate them. Perhaps, you will have to replace the cambelt or worn brake shoes and if necessary — a damper system.

Check all process fluids for service life. Those that have already exceeded their service lives, should be replaced. If you have insufficient level of brake or cooling fluid, as well as oil in the automatic transmission and the engine, refill it. You can either do it yourself or ask specialists of the service station.

Moreover, if necessary add some water or specialized fluid into the washer reservoir. Do not forget about antifreeze. The latter is especially important in winter.

Air conditioner should operate properly at any time of the year. Otherwise, replace the filters. Air conditioning helps to get rid of any foreign odours and also maintains an appropriate temperature level. If the air conditioner works properly, you will feel comfortable during a long car trip.

Carefully inspect lighting units (brake lights, direction lights, and headlights). If you are not quite sure about the condition of the latter, replace them.

Your car consumes less fuel, is safer and easier to drive if the tyre pressure conforms the required regulations. Thus, before the trip, check pressure values. If the variables are lower than the recommended regulations, increase tyre pressure. If you can’t do it yourself, contact the service station.    

To take spare parts and other equipment or not to take?

The common problem on the road is a tyre puncture. If you are going on a long trip, car tyre fitting can be hundreds of miles away from you. Thus, don’t forget to take a spare tyre, a wrench of the required size, a lifting screw and a pump (no matter foot or manual). Moreover, if you don’t know much about cars and the way they work, put a set of tools and spare parts in your trunk. These are side cutters, wrenches, pliers, a jumper cable, a spade, and a tow rope.    

In case of minor failure, you can always ask other drivers for help. However, all you need should be close at hand. Especially if we talk about rare and exclusive cars. If something breaks down, that will be difficult for you to find the required spare parts in the middle of nowhere. Thus, before the trip, we recommend such drivers to buy spare parts.  

Mostly, these are the electric gauges that break down. To quickly eliminate minor failures on your own, take a set of lamps, several jump leads, fuses, clamps, a sticky heat-resistant tape and a set of cold welding. Who knows what may happen to you on the road. Thus, if you are provident, in case your gas tank or radiator grille start to leak, you can easily deal with these issues and thus, save time and money.

Essentials for your car

We strongly recommend you to take spare petrol cans. It happens so that a traveller finds himself far away from the nearest gas station. In this situation, spare fuel will help you out. You should also have antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil and octane selector (booster, octane plus). Make sure you have technical and drinking water. We also recommend you to buy and pack washer fluid and insect remover.  

Your journey will be smooth and fun if you don’t forget your International Driving Permit.

Have a safe trip! 

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