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Lincoln - a luxury brand

Lincoln - a luxury brand

American brand Lincoln specializes in the production of luxury passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs. The company was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, in 1922, Lincoln became part of the Ford Motor concern. The headquarters of the concern is located in Dearborn (Michigan). Now cars of the brand are on sale in the markets of the countries of North America, in China, Korea, some countries of the Middle East. The history of the company deserves to be told in detail. Sit back, relax, we’re starting!

Henry Martyn Leland – the founding father of the brand

Leland was a talented engineer. He is the author of the dream gift for children all over the world – a toy railway. He invented a V-shaped engine, and his company (founded after the leaving of Leland from the company Cadillac) produced aircraft-engine devices – under the brand Liberty. In addition, Leland was able to cast and stamp metals, create braking systems of locomotives, design steam engines. At the beginning of the 20th century, the founder of Oldsmobile, Rans Olds, came to Henry Leland, as a well-known in professional circles mechanics. He needed engines for cars in the amount of several thousand pieces. The contract was fat for both parties. Leland improved the design of the car, increased engine power, and made it work quiet and smooth. Then there was work with Henry Ford, William Durant and independent production. Alas, Leland couldn’t control the processes in the company of Ford, because he was in his eighth decade. His strength oozed away, and old man was forced to write a voluntary resignation. Forgotten by all, he died quietly in Detroit at the age of 88.

How the Lincoln brand was born

In the early years, only V8 engines for military aircraft were produced under the Lincoln brand. In 1920, a similar engine was installed on the Lincoln V8 designed by Henry. The model was flawless. Henry had a son, and together they decided to establish a company for the production of cars, the Lincoln Motor Car Company of Delaware. The company was named after the famous President of America. However, the Lincoln V8 didn’t achieve commercial success – due to the high cost, it didn’t receive popularity among Americans who preferred cheap cars. In 1922, the company, almost bankrupt, was sold to Henry Ford, who quickly put the company on its feet, making it a division of Ford Motor Company. Thus, the change of ownership was very timely and extremely successful. Lincoln “carriages” were popular with politicians, officials, police and gangsters.

The main stages in the development of the Lincoln car production enterprise

In the early 1930s, the States were experiencing a period of the Great Depression. The Ford Motor division was headed by Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s only son. In 1932, when the demand for luxury executive cars fell, the company offered the car market the Lincoln KB with a 12-cylinder V-engine. There was also the model Zephyr with a streamlined silhouette of the body – in 1936, conceived as Lincoln “for the poor” (in the American understanding). On its basis, in 1939, specially created in the department of Lincoln, Design Center was developed and released the famous luxury Lincoln Continental convertible. Production of this American legend continued after World War II. In 1956, on the basis of the Continental, the model Lincoln Premier appeared.

In the 1970s, the brand cars were equipped with units and assemblies of Ford Motor Company. Since 1984, they began to produce the luxury coupe Lincoln Continental MK VII. Aerodynamic body, electronically adjustable suspension and Anti-lock Braking System made the Lincoln Continental coupe an outstanding car. 

The latest version of the Continental was released in 1995 with an 8-cylinder V-engine. Externally, this car had little resemblance to its famous ancestors. Another model offered by the company is the Lincoln Town Car, a traditional large rear-wheel drive car with a keyless start system and a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine that provides all kinds of comfort to the consumer.

The Lincoln LS series with classic layout was first introduced in New York in April 1998 and immediately became popular among fans of luxury large sports sedans.

Since 1997, along with luxury cars, the company began to produce the most luxurious in the United States full-size SUV, the Lincoln Navigator, manufactured on the basis of the Ford Expedition. It’s noteworthy that this is the first SUV of Lincoln. Despite the rather high price of $42,000, the first year of sales in the US amounted to 44,000 cars. All generations of this car use a 5.4-liter engine. The Lincoln Navigator turned out to be family and thoughtful.

In 2018, a new generation of the Lincoln Navigator 2018 SUV was presented at the New York Auto Show. The new SUV has completely changed, both externally and internally. Designers have made every effort to introduce the new Lincoln Navigator 2018. The design became more attractive, the interior was enriched with modern technologies, and the technical characteristics were improved on the basis of the shortcomings of the previous generation. Engineers took into account many wishes of customers and addressed the shortcomings, thereby obtaining the new and stylish Lincoln Navigator 2018.

The manufacturer has also taken good care of the safety systems of the Lincoln Navigator 2018 SUV. The standard set includes 12 airbags (two airbags for each row + curtain airbags), adaptive front headlights and adaptive cruise control. With regard to the active security systems of the Lincoln Navigator 2018, a pedestrian recognition, a blind spot monitoring system and an automatic parking system can be noted. 

What undoubtedly pleases, in the Lincoln Navigator 2018, there is an electronic power steering with heating, there is heating of all seats, including the third row, and a full power set of various devices. The Lincoln Navigator 2018 safety list also includes vehicle stabilization system, SOS system, tire pressure monitoring, immobilizer, car remote control system, ABS, ESP, and Around View Monitor. 

But there is the seven-seater Lincoln Aviator 2019-2020 SUV on the approach – in many ways it resembles the Navigator, especially the front and side, but the platform was taken from the Ford Explorer. The Lincoln Aviator 2019 concept got a full-LED technology.

The trunk lid of the Lincoln Aviator 2019 is medium size, you can open the trunk in a variety of ways: with the button in the cabin, the key fob, the button on the lid or using the sensors under the bumper. The rear brake lights of the Lincoln Aviator 2019-2020 SUV received a very fresh design, instead of the usual black shade, they were highlighted with a white body, and the usual LED technology is the basis. This whole set is highlighted by the SUV’s rear bumper, with a large chrome insert for the entire width, and, at the very bottom, four exhaust tips are visible, two on each side.

The roof of the Lincoln Aviator 2019-2020 SUV is peculiar, the rear part is decorated with ribs for greater strength. The front part of the roof is decorated with a large panorama with a sliding front part. In addition to all, the manufacturer has added a couple of side rails for mounting an additional trunk. Motorists immediately noted that the usual antenna in the form of a shark fin on the roof of the Lincoln Aviator disappeared and the front of the panorama got a rounded shape.

The new Lincoln Aviator 2019-2020 SUV is a separate model, with unique body features and its own character. In general, the appearance of the new Lincoln Aviator 2019 is an example of the company’s style and modern functionality.

Lincoln cars are known for years and considered national cars in the United States. At first glance, the design is not particularly beautiful, but it is a classic style of the company, which can be found both on SUVs and sedans. White driving not only a Lincoln, you need to have a driver’s license (better an international one). You still don’t have it? We invite you to quickly and easily process an international driver’s license on our website. It won’t take you a lot of time and effort, and the result will please you.

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