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Heel protectors

Heel protectors

In 2007, car accessories were replenished with one more product – shoe heel protector. The latter is also called a talonniere (from French “talonniere” – a heel, lower part of a shoe heel), a heel shield, etc. They reliably protect the material from damage, are convenient for the driver and don’t spoil appearance of the shoe. They are even made of genuine leather; today, you can easily find models designed for high heel shoes, men’s and women’s sneakers, ugg boots. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of heel protectors and discuss whether all drivers need them.

The role of a heel protector

Driving is a process that should be comfortable. When pressing the pedal, the driver must put his foot in a certain position. In this case, the latter depends on shoes. However, the heel of a shoe itself quickly gets scuffs, scratches and cracks, constantly touching the carpet. If this is a car with an automatic transmission, right and left shoes or boots will be in different degrees of wear. A heel protector comes for help. It’s an extremely useful accessory that saves the driver’s shoes from premature aesthetic wear. At the same time, it doesn’t matter who is driving – a lady or a gentleman: any shoes need protection, and men’s heel protectors are more and more often purchased along with other car accessories.

If a heel protector is chosen incorrectly

It often happens that the first experience of using heel protectors becomes a cause for disappointment. This is due to the following points:

– incorrect construction and fastening;

– uneven seams or incorrectly assembled product;

– saving on threads;

– a lining made from low-quality and cheap materials that colors light footwear;

– a wrong choice of protector’s material – textiles quickly destroy, and too hard material – plastic – is able to cause irreparable harm to the shoe even faster than the carpet in your car.

Regarding the incorrect construction, it should be emphasized that the product must protect a shoe heel completely, not just its upper part. Otherwise, attachment points (joints) of a shoe and a sole, as well as a heel, remain unprotected. Too narrow sides of the heel protector lead to similar results. In addition, the wrong construction can damage shoes more than a carpet.

Aa attachment of a heel protector to a foot should be strong, but soft. Rough, rigid material can not only tear stockings or pantyhose, but also hurt a skin of feet. Unreliable fixation of protector on a foot can lead to an accident. After all, the constantly falling off heel protector distracts the driver’s attention from the traffic situation.

Consequently, it is unacceptable to treat the purchase of heel protectors superficially and buy them in the first place. Only proven manufacturers, as well as reliable suppliers and sellers! If the one who makes shoe heel protectors saves on specialists, trying to reduce production costs in this way, then unqualified personnel incorrectly assemble the product or make uneven seams. Because of savings on threads, heel protectors will ravel out after a month of using. If low-quality, cheap materials are used to make a lining for protectors, they can fade, coloring shoes (especially light ones). Fabric must be resistant to moisture. Finally, the material from which the accessory that protects the driver’s shoes is made has a great importance. Too rigid (for example, plastic) is not able to gently cover the heel and shoe heel. Sand and gravel got  inside will ruin your shoes even faster than a regular carpet. Too soft material wears out quickly, and the monthly purchase of heel protectors can turn into a material problem.

What to do if a heel protector is needed?

You shouldn’t try to find a protector that fits any pair of shoes. The best way is to buy a shoe protection for a particular type of shoe, then you can be sure that your favorite pair of shoes or boots will make you happy for a long time. Ideally, you can order a heel protector individually. There can be many possible variations of individual protector – from ordinary to unusual, exclusive with fantasy elements. Such protectors look very unusual and beautiful on shoes. Moreover, they become fashionable. Even if the driver left the car and forgot to take his/her shoes off, nothing terrible happens – it looks so stylish and seamless on foot! A female driver looks worse if a shoe on her right foot have a worn back and a cracked heel …

Before you decide to purchase a heel protector, remember a few points:

1) it is better to buy an expensive product than a cheap one;

2) don’t save your time when choosing shoe heel protectors, don’t hesitate to ask consultants what material the accessory is made of and how reliable the manufacturer is;

3) female drivers need at least two pairs of protectors – for shoes with and without a heel (for example, for flats or sneakers).

So, heel protectors are already on feet. It is convenient and practical. But don’t forget to take an international driver’s license with you on the road, and if you still don’t have one, you can process it on our website without making great efforts and spending a lot of time.

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