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A lady behind the wheel
March 02, 2018

A lady behind the wheel

When a female is a driver

Early in the last century, only men drove the cars. However, as time went on, women started exploring formerly male-dominated fields, including driving. Male drivers are very skeptical about women behind the wheel. Many men still believe that car is not a place for women because they can’t stay cool under awful traffic conditions and fix technical failures. Furthermore, in case of a car accident, they start panicking. Men also believe that women are more likely to get into an accident than men. However, statistics counter this view: women less often break the road traffic regulations than men, they drive slower (do not scorch) and do not drive drunken unlike men.

Women drive not worse than men, but slightly different. They have another driving habits. Experts say that in most cases men get into car accidents due to their recklessness, overestimation of their opportunities and characteristics of their cars or simply because they break the road traffic regulations. However, women tend to get into accidents due to being too cautious, scrupulous, underestimating their opportunities and inexperience. Sometimes they are too scared to put on speed that will save them from a car crash. Instead they hit the brake hard with their numb feet.

As to technical competence, women contact car service not because they can’t deal with cars. They just prefer relying on professionals. By the way, just like men. And there is nothing special about it.

Women turn their cars into cozy homes. They put pillows, soft toys and various accessories everywhere. They use every opportunity to make their car a safe and comfortable place to drive. Besides, before going on a trip, make it a rule adjusting your seat, mirrors, etc. in a manner that is more comfortable for you. Avoid any distraction while driving!

Fears of female drivers

When it comes to driving, just like any other human activity, there is always room for improvement. A lack of or limited driving experience may at first paralyse you, or make you feel insecure when behind the wheels. Moreover, a female driver is afraid not only to cause damage to the car, but also do harm the other road users. Due to their inherent anxiety and emotionalism, when travelling on their own for the first time they can be too wary and thus, drive too slowly irritating other drivers. However, behind the wheel women adapt faster than most of the men. That’s because a car helps them to address lots of everyday issues —  shopping, taking kids to school or kindergarten, etc. A car is slowly becoming a real lifesaver for a woman.

It often happens that while driving some stuff falls on the floor. No matter what it is, a jewellery or just an imitation, you should not pick it up! However, make it a rule not to leave your bracelets, earrings and other jewellery inside the car. It is too dangerous!

If a woman has a child with her, she should think over child-restraint chairs, food for a child and other necessary things in advance. However, we are not talking only about long trips to the countryside, but about short trips too.

Women insecurity is gradually vanishing. However, if you feel yourself confident, it does not mean you should wear high heels while driving or fix your makeup. When it comes to road safety, there are no gender differences. Traffic rules and regulations are the same for both men and women. No exception.

How can a woman driver stay safe on the road?

As already mentioned, women are safer drivers. The reason is that teachers in driving schools tell women that in case of an accident on the road, mass media will announce their age. That is why only those women that do not lie about their age are behind the wheels.

Women drivers are more focused and attentive when driving long roads that require persistency. Young women tend to provoke car accidents. Unlike young ladies, elderly women are more careful, rational, disciplined and experienced.

In case of a car accident, almost half of men drivers will just drive past. However, 99% of women will definitely stop to find out what’s going on and provide some help.

We hope this article was helpful. Keep in mind that no matter who you are, a man or woman, you should get your International Driving Permit before beginning your trip.  


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