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Saying Goodbye: Reflections on the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 After 10,000 Kilometers
April 18, 2024

Saying Goodbye: Reflections on the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 After 10,000 Kilometers

For the past nine months, I’ve had the pleasure of riding the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 across the southern regions of Russia and into Belarus, navigating the daily grind of city traffic and clocking in a solid ten thousand kilometers. As I bid farewell to the “one fourteen,” I can’t help but acknowledge how it has reshaped my perspective on the iconic American brand.

Typically, with such mileage, I’d expect to encounter the first signs of wear and tear on any new equipment, especially when it comes to motorcycles. However, the FXDR 114 pleasantly surprised me with its durability. Unlike traditional chain drives, Harley’s maintenance-free belt proved its longevity, requiring minimal upkeep even after extensive use. Yet, despite its robust build, some parts, like certain elements of the frame and exhaust pipe cover, exhibited an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in domestic car washes, serving as a minor inconvenience amidst an otherwise reliable ride.

The coating of the exhaust pipe suffered from the chemicals used in domestic car washes: I recommend restoring the shine in trusted places.
The instrument panel is compact but functional.

On the performance front, the stock 94-horsepower engine felt somewhat underwhelming, particularly with its cutoff at 193 km/h. Yet, Milwaukee acknowledges this gap by offering engine tuning options, known as Stage 4, providing riders with enhanced power and responsiveness. Although these upgrades come at a cost, they transform the FXDR 114 into a formidable machine, bridging the gap between its standard model and the coveted FXDR 117.

The rear seat is an option. There’s hardly any talk of comfort for the passenger, but it will suffice for transporting a companion from the bar.

However, comfort isn’t the FXDR 114’s strong suit. With its aggressive ergonomics and firm clutch, riding through traffic or tackling rough terrain can be a test of endurance. Yet, it’s precisely this ruggedness that makes it exhilarating to ride, especially when navigating winding mountain roads. Despite its quirks, the FXDR 114 offers an unparalleled riding experience that’s sure to appeal to enthusiasts seeking adventure on two wheels.

Not to burn rubber at the start on a practically factory dragster is simply a crime.

As I bid adieu to the FXDR 114, I do so with a tinge of nostalgia. Though our time together may have come to an end, I’m left hopeful that our paths may cross again someday. Until then, I’ll cherish the memories of our adventures on the open road, knowing that the spirit of Harley-Davidson will forever remain in my heart.

Dirt flies straight onto the riders’ backs through the hole in the mudguard.

Analytical Data

ExpenseRUBUSD (2019)
Total mileage — 10 000km
Gasoline (AI-95)28100$435.00
Car washes2900$44.93
Tire repair1000$15.47
Michelin Scorcher 11 Tire (240/40 R18)34630$536.19
Balancing weights (2 pcs.)1000$15.47
Front tire (removal, balancing)1845$28.57
Rear tire (removal, replacement, balancing)4920$76.20
Total expenses for all period of operation115535$1788.88
MotorcycleHarley-Davidson FXDR 114
Dimensions, mm

Seat height

Fork rake/trail, deg/mm34/120
FrameSteel, aluminum swingarm
Curb weight, kg303
Number and arrangement of cylinders2, V-engine
Cylinder bore/stroke, mm102/114
Compression ratio10.5:1
Displacement, cc1868
Number of valves8
Max. power, hp/kW/rpm93.8/69/4500
Max. torque, Nm/rpm162/3500
Transmission6-speed gearbox, multi-disc clutch, belt
Front suspensionTelescopic, inverted, Ø 43 mm fork tubes, 130 mm travel
Rear suspensionMonoshock, adjustments: spring preload; 86 mm wheel travel
Front brakesTwo Ø 300 mm discs, 4-piston calipers
Rear brakeØ 292 mm disc, 2-piston floating caliper
Maximum speed, km/h193*
Front wheel120/70-19″
Rear wheel240/40-18″
Fuel tank capacity, l16.7
FuelGasoline AI-95—98

*Limited by electronics

Photo: Nikita Kolobanov

This is a transaltion. You can read an original article here: Hasta la vista. Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 после 10000 километров в Авторевю

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