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The McLaren GTS Coupe: Elevating Comfort and Power in Grand Tourismo

The McLaren GTS Coupe: Elevating Comfort and Power in Grand Tourismo

In 2019, McLaren ventured into the Grand Tourismo segment with the launch of the McLaren GT, a supercar designed for both speed and luxury over long distances. With its relatively spacious interior and refined chassis settings, the McLaren GT quickly became known as the most practical vehicle in the British brand’s esteemed lineup. Now, it’s set for a significant upgrade.

The manufacturer introduces the McLaren GTS, touting it as a new model. However, it is more accurately an exquisitely refined version of the previous GT. The external updates are minimal yet impactful: the addition of a new body color, Lava Grey, and sleek, lightweight forged Turbine wheels equipped with specially designed Pirelli P Zero tires. Weight reduction efforts also include innovative roof panels crafted from recycled carbon fiber and titanium wheel bolts that are 35% lighter than the standard.

These changes have reduced the coupe’s equipped weight by 10 kg, bringing the McLaren GTS down to 1520 kg. Enhancements don’t stop there; the power of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine has been boosted by 15 hp to a total of 635 hp, while the torque remains steady at 630 Nm. These improvements have slightly enhanced its dynamics: the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h now clocks in at 3.1 seconds, and it reaches 200 km/h in just 8.9 seconds, trimming a symbolic 0.1 seconds off its previous times. The top speed has nudged up as well, from 326 to 327 km/h. The car maintains its sophisticated seven-speed preselective robotic gearbox and rear-wheel drive.

Yet, the GTS’s allure isn’t solely its dynamic prowess. In true McLaren fashion, the adaptive dampers and carbon-ceramic brakes have been finely recalibrated to align with the brand’s racing DNA. The model’s optional nose-lift system, invaluable for maneuvers like ramp entries, has been upgraded to operate in just four seconds—down from ten in its predecessor. Activating this system also slightly raises the supercar’s overall ground clearance from 110 to 127 mm, enhancing its versatility.

This latest iteration of McLaren’s foray into luxury grand touring not only underscores its commitment to innovation but also reinforces its dedication to delivering the utmost in performance and comfort—a true masterpiece of automotive engineering.

Photo: McLaren company

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