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Car Trips with Elderly Relatives
December 22, 2017

Car Trips with Elderly Relatives

Features of auto travel with people of the “third” age

People travel not only in their youth, but also after retirement. Actively studying the world, a human preserves for a long time an excellent soul spirit and pushes off an old age. Trips give new impressions, raise the emotional tone and give wonderful sensations that are necessary not only for the young.

But trips to a sanatorium are not always what an elderly person needs. He wants to develop routes, same as young and active people, including road trips.

However, traveling in a car with older people requires some training and that depends on the purpose of the trip and the health status of the aged traveler. There are elderly people who keep up an excellent frame of mind to the old age, and who do not have deviations in health, but there are few of such. Therefore, there is always a risk that the elderly person will become ill on the road. To avoid overshadowing travel with health problems, you should weigh all the pros and cons beforehand.

If this is a one-day “back and forth” trip, for example, for examination in a clinic (“medical tourism”), then you do not need to specially prepare for it unless there are special medical recommendations. But if this is a long leasure trip to another country, then you need to remember a few things:

– The trip should be authorized by the elderly person’s attending physician;

– The medications that he usually takes should be taken with him in a separate bag (not placing them into a common car kit);

– You should have at hand a phone number of the clinic or the attending physician, who you can ask for advice if necessary;

– The trip route should be thought through to exclude sudden pressure or temperature changes or minimize their influence.

What to take in the car?

The change of time zones in auto trips is not abrupt, so unpredictable reactions due to changes in biorhythm usually do not occur in elderly auto tourists. But the climatic conditions can change quickly, and acclimatization can be painful. Vitamins and adaptogens can help aged travelers get used to the changed conditions. These drugs must be purchased in advance and taken with you, as well as the necessary medications. But taking into account the specific route, it is necessary to find out in advance the rules for the importation of medicines into different countries, otherwise unforeseen situations may arise at the border.

A cushion and a warm blanket will be useful in the trip. The elderly person should be given the most convenient place in the car, where he will not be cramped or he may experience discomfort. It is better if the other fellow travelers will listen to music on headphones, so that the latter does not interfere with elderly people.

If an old traveler needs knee pads, elastic bandages, a cane or an orthopedic corset for convenience, you should prepare them before the trip.

Do not forget to take:

– Medical insurance policy (not expired!);

– Prescriptions for necessary medications from the attending physician;

– Medical insurance for traveling abroad.

How to help an elderly person have a pleasant trip

Positive emotions, which invariably accompany any journey, can become the strongest stress for the elderly person. The abundance of new impressions and new acquaintances can cause emotional failure. To prevent this you should give maximum attention to the elderly person, do not leave him alone and do remind him to contemplate the environment calmly and wisely, without overloading the body.

All unfamiliar dishes, which are famous for this or that locality, can cause the desire to try them immediately. But it is better if the diet of an elderly traveler is habitual and stable. All new foods should be tried with caution, especially if a person is on a diet or has a disease that requires food restrictions.

During the stops, tourists visit various attractions. It should be asked if there are discounts or promotions for the elderly. For example, there are free places for the elderly on attractions or museums, where there is no need to pay an entrance fee.

If a trip in a car with relatives involves the presence of children, try not to use the elderly person as a nanny for the child. First, everyone should have a rest; secondly, in any case, the grandmother or grandfather will not leave the children without their attention, no matter how tired they are. But do not abuse their capabilities, which are limited due to their age.

Elderly age is not an excuse to limit yourself in traveling. Positive emotions associated with new experiences are especially important for the elderly!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget your international driving license at home. Driving your way across the world confidently will keep you and your old relatives free of unnecessary stress.

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