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What will the car of the future look like?
July 06, 2018

What will the car of the future look like?

Car history spans no more than one and a half centuries, however, let’s dream for a while what the car will look like in the future. Have a look to the future and examine the cars that men use.

Efficiency and environmental performance

These are the requirements for all type of vehicles of the future for in the future people will be running out of non-renewable energy resources (oil and gas if to be exact). Thus, cars should shift to alternative energy sources.   

This is already happening now, in part, since electric cars more often appear in the streets. However, electric vehicles have not yet become competitors of usual cars equipped with combustion engines, so we will have to use the latter in the next 50 years. However, battery chargers are still improving to the point that solar-powered highways transfer energy to the moving cars through the pavement. Thus, we are going to spend less and less money on charging (refueling) our vehicles, i.e. the environmental factor will take effect. Perhaps, we will invent a hydrogen engine that will be used along with an electric one.

Regarding the environment, harmful car exhaust emissions will sink into oblivion along with combustion engines. The sooner the world switches to electric vehicles, the less the environment and the men will be poisoned with lead, sulphur and other heavy metals found in emissions. Thus, the car of the future will have a new type engine which is absolutely safe for the environment.

Compactness and safety

The car of the future should be maneuverable and compact since the number of parking lots will hardly ever increase in the same proportion as the number of cars. Thus, a compact and flexible car should be a real transformer, i.e. easily change its look according to the environment. At the same time, that should not affect safety. The latter will be crucial in the future.    

In an emergency situation, a driver and his passengers should not suffer. Thus, the car of the future will be made of super-durable materials. Emergency situations will happen rarely thanks to electronics. The latter will be driving the car while steering wheel and pedals (much less manual control based on a manual transmission) will simply fall into oblivion and become anachronistic.

Hands-off driving

Rare cars, as well as sports cars, will probably remain with manual transmission, however, in general, electronics allows minimizing the efforts to drive a car. All you need is programming a route. The driving system will calculate all the necessary conditions while the sensors will help you to come to a place quickly.

Thus, a windshield can learn to recognize road signs and interpret them. Sensor panels eliminate the risk of getting into a car crash. The speed limits will depend on traffic conditions and passenger’s wishes. As a result, the inside view of the car will change, it will get rid of auxiliary gadgets and dashboards with “buttons”, mechanical parts will also disappear. Thus, only a comfortable car seat will remain.

By the way, already today many car companies narrow vehicle configuration, reduce the number of available options.

New concepts of car tyres

The challenge of designing durable tyres with the highest safety level has been with car makers for much too long.

It had previously been thought that an inflatable tyre is a key to this challenge, however, that’s not true. A typical car moves thanks to compressed air support which affects the suspension. It has been suggested that the car of the future will be equipped with tyres of spoke’s grid. What will it look like? We can only guess. If we use this technology, the car will bear not on the air, but on rubber spokes produced using a technology that provides high durability and flexibility. Nowadays Bridgestone Corporation produces such tyres. However, these tyres are fitted only on golf carts. The company’s objective is to experiment with a capacity of the vehicle. In a short time, the car of the future will run on these brand-new tyres.

Classification of the cars of the future

CityCar will probably be the most popular. This car can easily drive even on sidewalks and cause no discomfort when moving. The length of this car is 2.5 m in an expanded view and 1.5 m in a collapsed view. A driver can leave a car either through the door or the windscreen. Thus, there will never be problems with parking.

The safest car in the world is AirPod. Its “children” have good chances of becoming the cars of the future. Today in the streets you can see cars which run on garbage and electricity. AirPod requires air to start. Thus, carbon dioxide emissions are almost equal to zero. The engine works with a help of pistons just like a combustion engine, however, they reprocess compressed air mixture instead of fuel. Operational risks here are that in an emergency there is a high risk of the engine explosion. However, the producers took this into account, and in the case of mechanical damage, the fuel tank cracks and the mixture flows out of the engine.

Anyway, the future of car industry seems quite interesting. However, whatever the car will look in the next 100-150 years, only those with a driving licence are allowed to drive it. Before starting on a trip, make sure you’ve got an International Driving Permit. Otherwise, apply for it here. It really is that simple. Just try!


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